About Our Jacksonville Foot Doctor

At Podiatrist On Call, Dr. Harris is committed to providing the Jacksonville area efficient, prompt care. The unique services provided include house call
visits, affordable direct pay fees, as well as same-day clinic visits.

Our goal is to get you feeling better as quickly and affordably as possible. Podiatrist On Call offers competitively low, direct fee payments unmatched by traditional providers. Patients pay for services directly, without the extra fees brought about by insurance companies. This means patients have no co-pays, no surprise bills, no deductibles, and no hassles with insurance companies. Medicare is accepted. All others receive a discounted fee. An itemized bill is provided that can be self filed if you have insurance or a reimbursement plan. HSA cards are accepted.

​​​​​​​Podiatrist On Call is further committed to personalized care by offering same-day clinic visits and house call visits, which many other competitors cannot support. Patients can be seen in the office on short notice, usually the same day. Dr. Harris also goes above and beyond for the well-being of his patients by bringing his expert care directly to the patients’ homes. Dr. Harris is the premier podiatry house call provider of Jacksonville.

​​​​​​​Affordable direct pay fees, same-day clinic visits, and house call visits provide patients with a combination of convenience, transparency, and first-class podiatry care unmatched in the Jacksonville area.

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