Before and After

Painful Bunion 1-3

Shown are before and after X-ray photos. Dr. Harris uses modern surgical staples which continue to compress indefinitely as opposed to traditional surgical screws that fail to compress after the last turn of the screw.

Painful Bunion Example 1

Painful Bunion Example 2

Painful Bunion Example 3

Callus Distraction

The patient was born with an inherited abnormally short bone behind his second toe. This resulted in painful deformity of the toes and forefoot, which limited the patient’s ability to run and exercise. Dr. Harris performed the “Callus Distraction” procedure whereby the patient’s congenitally short bone was surgically lengthened using an external fixation device. The patient proceeded to full painless function after successful surgery.

Flatfoot Reconstruction

The patient was referred to Dr. Harris for the painful flatfoot. Custom foot orthotics failed to relieve the pain. Dr. Harris reconstructed the foot as shown in the before and after photos. The patient remains grateful for the improvement in his foot function and pain years after his surgery.

Painful Great Toe

The patient was referred to Dr. Harris for a second opinion for pain in his great toe. The patient was active duty Marine who faced medical discharge after a prior failed fusion attempt to treat great toe arthritis. Dr. Harris performed a salvage fusion procedure using staples. The patient made full recovery and was able to continue his military career without limitations.

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